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Speakers: Making your presentation to hundreds of interested people has never been easier. Webinars are revolutionizing seminars. All you do is upload your PowerPoint pages or your video, and then use your computer with a webcam to make your presentation from anywhere. Just think of all that you will save: travel time and expense; wasted hours waiting to speak; the hassle of unprepared seminar rooms; bad A/V equipment; and waiting for long winded speakers to finish in your seminar room. Webinar attendees can even text their questions to you during your presentation. Your webinar will not only be available live, will also be available in the On-line auto.webXpo 2010 Archives for people that missed it live.

Please complete and submit the form below to let us know that you would like to present a technical or management webinar (online seminar) at the auto.webXpo 2010. If you would like to present more than one seminar, please complete and submit a form for each seminar. We will be selecting seminar speakers and topics in March, 2010. Please note that since all seminars are free to the participants, we are not able to pay speakers. However, we do offer our speakers unique world-wide exposure.

Attendance is FREE! and Exhibit Booths start at only $950

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